Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The big scare of the day!

Sunday, November 15th, 2009. It's a normal Sunday as any other Sunday might be... we get up, be lazy on the couch, eat some breakfast, get ready for Church, go to Church, come home and for what ever reason today, I decided to try my keys at our side door. With mom moving in today, it would be nice to park on the drive way and go in through that door... Sadly, the keys don't work so Sophie and I walk around to the front door, which is our normal door to use.

We have a pretty big front yard. Our house sits on an acre of land and the house is somewhat in the middle -so there's lots of room! Anyway, walking up to the front door there is a small patch of grass between the house and the side walk, which just so happens to be where Sophie is walking and playing and picking little flowers and walking and OH MY GOSH WHAT IS THAT?????? Scare the bagibbies out of me, yank Sophie's arm practically out of socket and immediately run back to the car and after 5 seconds of being completely and utterly freaked out, I call Uncle Billy to the rescue (who was at home very sick today). He asks "what is it?", "Its, its, its... a SNAKE, a big huge SNAKE," I shout!! [He was huge too. He was about 2" thick and about 2-3 feet long, but I never saw his head.] I was so freaked out that I was starting to hyperventilate -you know on tv you see people do that and the screen kind of goes blackish around the sides and all you can see is through a hole of some sort... Well, it's true, that's what it was like for me. I kept thinking "you can't pass out, it'll eat you!"

So Sophie and I are now back at the car, about 20 feet away and I have Sophie playing on top of the car because there is no way you are getting down kiddo and we patiently wait for Uncle Billy to come fix another problem -again. The whole family shows up -not just Uncle Billy, but Julie, William, Annon, and Cara! They all want to see "the show" because Uncle Billy brought his gun to shoot it! I told him I've been watching that area, making sure it didn't move -- like there was something I could do if it wanted to move!?!?. Anyway, he goes over there, and it's gone! It moved!! "WHAT?!?! I've been watching that whole area and he hasn't moved, how can you not see him, he's huge!" but sadly he did move --- under my house! yes, there is a crack, a pretty good sized crack, that he slipped into. But luckily Uncle Billy knew what he was doing and sealed it up for me... I know what you are thinking, and yes, I know too... it'll just come out in another area -BUT IT WON"T BE HERE!!

Turns out, this was just a Rat Snake. They are pretty harmless, but I didn't know that. They eat rats and field mice and such, actually pretty good to have around the house being that I live next to fields of openness!!

Just an FYI though... this wasn't the first snake we had found at this house, it was just the biggest and it scared the daylights out of me. The first snake we found was in the back yard under a piece of tattered door that had been there awhile. He was a small, only about 12 inches long, tiny little thing, maybe 1/2 grown -- he was a COPPER HEAD and the guys who were helping put in the fence, killed him for me and then buried the head!! Copper heads are the deadly kind and it's best to bury the head so it doesn't accidentally get you and inject what ever venom it still has in its fangs. For what ever reason, this one didn't really scare me...

Mom however, stopped by Home Depot and picked up some Snake Be Gone stuff which I've heard great things about around here... Mouth Balls DO NOT WORK!

Ok, gotta go... that's been my exciting life over the last few weeks. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Monday, November 16, 2009

The new house

The new house.... Pictures to follow soon

It's a great looking house. Sure it has its little issues, but I'm not buying the house, just renting and the land-lady agreed to knock-off some rent for the additional work I already intended to do... so, how great is that -NOT.

This house needed so much more then I realized. Even completing the little things I agreed to are more then I realized they would be... things like, filling the gaps around the windows (outside & in) or caulking around the bathtubs or putting in a fence to keep my dogs... Oh my! The fence part was easy, it's the gaps around the windows and doors that scare me.

Here's what I have found so far: Since we have SCORPIONS, yes, the little boogers that sting you with their tail-scorpions, we need to re caulk or seal, any minuscule opening we find whether it be on the floor or ceiling or around an electrical socket or in the bathroom (especially the bathroom) or kitchen or window or... As you can imagine, this is a huge project but so far we're doing good! I have gone through about 4 tubes of caulking with another 3 on stand-by! And, I've had the exterminator out to the house 3 times since we've moved in --respraying for scorpions!

I also agreed to seal up the gaps around the windows outside and inside as well -thinking just a little caulking will go a long way... Wrong! I had to buy "Great Stuff." Its a foam type sealer, then because it drys Yellow, I need to go back around everything with white caulking to make it look pretty again! Ug. Well, as it stands I have the Great Stuff portion done, now I just need to go back around everything with white caulking to cover up the ugly yellow and to finish sealing the smaller cracks... Anyone wanna help???

So we have scorpions -- that's ok because as mentioned, I have an exterminator!! So far he has visited my house 3 times and we've only been here since mid-October!!! But by golly, I'm not loosing this battle!! Those boogers scare the living day-lights out of me! I panic with each sighting... so far I have killed 8, yes 8, but I'm told that's a pretty low number and I have found 4 dead. We have found 3 alive, trying to come in through the window area but luckily my sister and Aunt put up some plastic window insulation stuff and it kept them from getting in -- it also kept me from killing them though. They say you can go through your house at night with a black light and they will glow and from there you can pick them up with tongs or something and destroy them -but I am NOT doing this. So I call the exterminator guy and he talks me down some because after all, he can only spray once every 14 days. Right now I am on a monthly plan until things are better under control, at which point I'll move to a 3 month plan.

Big scare of the day....coming next!

The Next Move....

So while I was away on vacation, my sister had the job of finding me a place to live in Madisonville. It's not an easy job by any means but I knew she could do it!

So here we are on our way to Madisonville, in the rain and we pull up to this white "farm-style" looking house. I couldn't believe this was my new place. I think I was already so upset by the days events that nothing at this point would have made me happy. As it was, the house wasn't ready for us to move in but they agreed to let me put my things in the garage for a few days until the house was complete. Turns out, this wasn't such a bad thing after all. So the next day, or so (can't remember now) we come to the new house for a quick tour and wouldn't you know it... the house is too small! Not enough space for 3 people (mom was moving down with us, just at a later date). So anyway, Julie and I started looking for house again. I had until Monday to find a new place before I completely lost the deposit paid on the house! Low-and-behold, we found one. It just so happened to be the very first house I looked at while I was still in town for the job interview!! This house is 2 bedrooms, but the master bedroom is huge. Sophie and I are currently sharing the room and even with the divider up, the 2 parts are still bigger then the rooms at our last house in Fort Worth!! Wow!!

So, now the task is to load and unload once again all my things. We now have to reload everything from house "A" garage and move it to house "B" -within 3 days and then start work that following Monday!! Not an easy task by any means. I think Julie and I did most of the moving this time around, with the exception of a few men for the heavier stuff!! but all in all, it went pretty well.

So here we are at our new house...

More to come in the next post......