Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wow, it's been a while!

Hi all. I know it's been a while since my last post, to be exact about 4 months. :)

Most recent events...

Job Interview: My sister had been soliciting my resume around Madisonville for the past couple of months. Finally she had given a copy to Mr. John Bankhead, the local attorney for these parts. He didn't need anyone new at that time but as it turned out the original girl wasn't working out so well and as John states "he just couldn't get my resume out of his mind" so on 9/16/09 I came down to Madisonville for a quick interview before heading to Wisconsin for vacation. Well, really it wasn't a "job interview" as he and I had previously talked about most everything via the telephone earlier that week, this was more of a formality meeting, an official acceptance meeting I suppose.

Well, the interview went well and I was hired! As many of you know, my current job situation wasn't the greatest... mostly a money issue but its a pretty big issue to have and since I had been asking God to lead me in this situation, how could I say No now? So here I am, in Midway Texas, about 3 hours South of Fort Worth, straight down I-45!!

Vacation to Wisconsin: After the job interview of 9/16/09, we (Mom, Sophie & I) took off for a mini-vacation to Wisconsin. The vacation had been planned for a short time before the interview, but I couldn't miss the interview and didn't want to miss the vacation since I knew I wouldn't be getting another one for a while... So we left on Friday evening and arrived late Saturday. It is much harder driving with a small child then I realized. However, Sophie did great!! We brought along a portable dvd player and lots of Dora, the Explorer dvd's and she was set!!! We did stop a bit more this time, but that was ok - kept her busy!

Moved to Midway, Tx: So let's see, we arrived home on Saturday, Sept. 26th. Unpacked the car, let mom go home and rested the rest of the afternoon. Sunday we went to Church and visited with friend for the last time. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we packed! I had lots of help thanks to all my wonderful friends in Fort Worth and Wedgwood Church! Thursday and Friday Lydia & I held a Garage Sale. I mean really, who wants to take items along you don't want or need! Saturday we loaded up and headed out!! It was beyond emotional! The days leading up to the Move weren't so bad, but then it all seemed to hit me and I cried most of the day! Ug.

My family from Madisonville came up with 2 trucks and 2 trailers. One of each loaned to me through my now new boss! The loading went pretty well. We ended up loading the 2 trailers and 3 pick up trucks -- FULL. However, it started to rain towards the very end of the loading and then preceded to rain the entire drive down to Madisionville and continued while un loading! I cried, and cried, and cried some more. Such an emotional day to begin with, then add the rain which was damaging my things! Ug. I think in all, I cried about 3 days. :(

More to come in the next post... the next move!