Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas shopping.

This year I was really hoping not to spend to much $$ as I had been collecting items all year long for this very moment! Yet, I find myself searching for "just one more thing"... As though saying that what I originally thought was a nice gift for someone has somehow turned into a "That's just not enough" gift. I realized the other day, this happens quite often with me! I don't have enough humbleness in my judgement, I always second guess my works when really I shouldn't. I fall back into the old mentality that if I don't give enough, or the right items, then somehow my friendships won't last or will prove to be worthless (or something along those lines I suppose).

My neighbor, Lydia, however, makes"homemade" gifts (on occasions) -they don't cost a lot and yet they turn out so nice and are very thoughtful -and useful!! I wish I had more of that ability and forsight. I suppose this is something that I will continue to work towards and with God's help, will someday be accomplished! :)


Monday’s are so hard for me... Most of the time I just want to roll over the other way and fall back to sleep in the nice warm slumber I was so rudely awaking from... Today is no different!

The past week has not been an easy one; Sophie was sick with Bronchitis since Thanksgiving, then this past Sunday (12/07) she accidentally had her elbow pulled out of place (Nursemaid Elbow (sp?)) which ended with an ER visit to have it reset... It's just been a trying week. My nerves are obviously working over time since I also have a fever blister (almost gone now) which as most of you know, I only tend to get if something is bothering me... though I can't think of anything really -just maybe need some quite Mommy time.

I have a lot to look forward to however; My Dad and Linda are coming for a visit, I still have a job, Mom is still "thinking" about moving back and I will get another chance to visit with my sister (if I have a dog watcher that is). Plus, yesterday we had our first official visit with baby Caleb!! He is so precious, and tiny…

I was telling Lydia how much smaller he seems compared to Sophie at that age -I suppose he really is quite smaller, I mean after all, she was 1 pound more then him at birth! He was a tiny little guy. But he is oh-soooo cute and cuddly! I was also noticing some of his features. It's funny -people would tell me that Sophie looked a lot like me but I never saw it really (Still don’t). I could pull out certain features but mostly they reminded me of her dad but with Baby Caleb I could immediately pull out certain features -mostly on his dad's side too. I noticed them originally through the pictures taken while still at the hospital... He looked a lot like Jon's dad -Distinguished already! Baby Cable will be a handsome man -no doubt about that.

So back to Monday's... This morning I am completely tired. My body is tired, my eyes are heavy and I have no energy! I suppose this could be a sign of illness, but I think it's mostly just being tired! I've been trying to get to bed early and not do my normal housework at night -you can tell too. Just stop by for a visit! (No, really, don't!) This week I hope to get things back in order! Wish me luck, and energy!

Love to all.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Caleb Alan Norvell

Caleb Alan Norvell arrived on Thanksgiving at 9:32 pm. He's 21 inches long and weighs 6 lbs. 14 oz. Here are some photo's from Lydia's camera of the new addition.

I, myself, haven't gotten a chance to see the little guy just yet as Sophie has been sick and there is no way I want to get Caleb (or family) sick! So we are patiently waiting for our recent illness to pass... And I am glad to report -I see a light at the end of our tunnel!!

I don't think I've ever been so excited about a pregnancy before. I know that's sad to say, especially since my very own sister has had 4 of them! But I was young then and I hadn't had one of my own yet... Even Julie noticed the change in my deminor around children after I had mine. Oh well.

I can't wait to get a chance to hold Caleb; his pictures are just too precious!!