Monday, March 21, 2011

Life part 2

My job in Madisonville wasn't something to be desired. My boss and I never quite saw eye-to-eye on things; His way of teaching was more of a dictatorship and my way of learning is more hands-on (trial and error, maybe).... Not a great combination in the end. Every day it seemed I would cause him more stress and in turn, it caused me to be stressed, which I would bring home and take out on my family -just ask them, they will gladly tell you what a monster I could be! So I again was looking for a new job.

Since it was such a small town, you couldn't really search within the city limits for a job -for that matter, it was hard to search for a job anywhere he practiced law even if it wasn't within the law field (Small town + money to spend = well known!). Sad part is, is that I had been offered a few different jobs throughout my 1.5 years there but turned them down b/c I kept thinking things would get better at work. We would have a "argument" and things would get better for a few weeks, maybe a month or two, but then would go right back to where we were - vicious little circle. At this point I would have jumped at just about anything...

During this time I had stayed in contact with my old boss in Fort Worth. He sold off the company I was working at and eventually opened up a new company with additional partners and offered me a job. I jumped at the opportunity. Small town life was hard for me and working in a job that I was so completely unhappy at just wasn't worth staying around for... So Fab. 2011 Sophie and I moved back to Fort Worth!

I mentioned cats earlier… Sophie wanted a kitten. Mom and I started talking about and agreed another cat would be nice to help chase “things”, so we started looking. We went the local vet and he offered us some abandoned cats (brother and sister) for free. Mom and I loved them, they were more mature (3-5 yrs old), fixed, house trained, somewhat playful, which meant that Sophie didn’t like them at all and since we were “technically” getting the cat for her… We found them a new home (Thanks Julia).

We found another kitten (yes, I said Kitten). We named him Pickles! He would have been a great cat except he wanted to play at 3 am –every morning! And he would cry….all night. Ug. Just got to be sooooo much for us. So when I moved, I didn’t want to bring him along, Mom couldn’t take him to Julie’s house –so we found him another home too. (Thanks again Julia! (a friend from the Courthouse in Madisonville)).

I also mentioned a new vehicle… Well I found out that driving a little car in a small town isn’t easy either; dirt roads, pot holes the sizes of mountains, dust/mud; child growing who now puts feet on back of chair! Yuck. So while in Madisonville I opted for a new vehicle. I got a Dodge Journey and thanks to my wonderful brother-in-law –I even got employee pricing! I’ve greatly enjoyed my new vehicle. There is so much more room for Sophie. She even played soccer last summer, and we had plenty of room for the extra things like chairs!

So here we are in Fort Worth. I’ve been back with Lindsey almost 1 month and I’m love it. It’s quite tho and I miss having the girls from the last office to chit-chat with but I am much happier now and that is far more important to me, plus I can call people on the telephone during work hours if I really need to chat with someone.

All for now, will try to keep this up-to-date more now.Sophie and I still have lots to tell you about…

On a side note: God does work in mysterious ways... I don't know why He brought us to Madisonville; maybe it was to renew a friendship with my sister, maybe it was to give Sophie some much needed male-attention (thanks Uncle Billy for treating Sophie more like your own child and not some kid your wife is babysitting), or maybe it was to show me what a monster I could be and how it feels to have that turned on yourself... idk, but I am glad I had the experience in the end.


Oh my gosh, where to start... Things just keep moving right along in life, don't they? Don't answer that it was more of a rhetorical questions, really. :)

Well let's see, from the last post I made ( November 15th, 2009) a lot has happened.
1) We've moved, twice; 2) have gone through 3 cats and added a new puppy; 3) Sophie turned 4 and is about to turn 5 now; 4) bought a new car; and 5) started a newer job -back in Fort worth. I would say our life has been any but boring!

So let's begin.. I will do my best to keep everything in order for you.

We moved to Madisonville, Texas (3 hrs South of Fort Worth) in October of 2009. My job in Fort Worth wasn't providing what we needed and it was not moving in an upward fashion, so Julie rallied for me and found me a job in Madisonville with an Attorney. The job seemed promising, offering long-term growth, and a chance to be closer to family. So we moved and began a new life in “small-ville”.

The first house we moved into was located in Midway (about 10 miles East of Madisonville), also known as the one filled with Scorpions! We only stayed for 9 months as the Homeowners came for a visit once and decided they'd like to move back. I agreed, especially since they were sweetening the pot a little (lol), and we moved a few weeks later to another house this time located in Madisonville.

This house was a 3/2/2 on private land and surrounded by cows! It was a perfect fit for us as everyone had their own room!! Sophie could go outside to play without me having to worry about traffic (nearest road was about .25 miles off). The dogs loved it too; Peanut (our newest addition) could fit through the "cow-fence", so she would chase all the cows and Sam would run up to the hill and chase the Ginni's. Crazy dogs!

Don't get me wrong, this house came with it's faults as well. No we didn't have scorpions but we did have a few additional snakes and our heater went out during winter! Luckily the house was built with a wood burning fire place with a built in fan to heat the house. So, after a few much-needed lessons on how this nifty fire place worked and how to keep a fire going through-out the night, we were again with heat! Between Mom and I, we did a pretty awesome job keeping the house hot! And what was even better was that b/c the heater went out (something the homeowner is required to provide), they instead provided us with as much firewood as we needed! :) All-in-all, we actually enjoyed it very much. But sadly, this house didn't last either...

more to come in my next post... keep reading!