Monday, April 20, 2009

Weight Watcher's... day 46

Starting date: 3.05.09
Starting weight: 170.2
Last Weigh-in: 162.0

So I've been to 6 weigh-in's so far and I'm feeling good! I've dropped a whole dress size, received some wonderful clothing from a friend through Church and am looking better and better with each passing week!! :) Yeah me!!

Losing weight is definitely harder then I expected it would be... I suppose really, if you "fall off the band-waggon" it's harder to get back on again and I fell off Easter weekend! First, we had a birthday party (with yummy cake & snacks!), then Easter (with even yummier home cooking!)... I mean really, what do these people expect of me!!! Geesh. I will say this though, I at least tried not to over indulge myself -but it didn't work so well as my tummy still hurt at the end of the day from all the wonderful food I ate --what can I say! :)

In reality I suppose I haven't done so bad. I have noticed that for me it's better if I'm hard on myself. You know, give myself a guilt complex. However, if someone else gives me such a complex I'm more inclined to be angry with that person (thanks for that help, Mom!) rather than thankful for their help, but if I give myself such a complex, then all I can do is better.

I found this out with my money some years ago as well... If I just keep saying "I don't have any money" when I go shopping, even if I really do, I tend not to spend as much. Have you ever done that yourself?? Now don't get me wrong -I don't send myself into a deep depression or anything, but a little guilt for eating something your not really suppose too is fine I think -and it seems to help!

I have also found that I have great supporters... My family is wonderful in this area as well as most of my friends. I say "most" of my friends, because not everyone knows about WW yet. It's not like I wear a banner or something! But at least I have a few people I can turn to for that extra push when I'm really ready for take-out... thanks Aimee.

Also, I've found that my food habits are really changing -for the better I might add. This past weekend my Aunt and I went to Ennis for the Bluebonnet Festival. While there we picked up some Kolachi's (fruit filled) and Fried potato things... we shared all of it but wow! how my tummy reacted! It was not happy with all that junk food. ;) Good thing to note for later I suppose.

Ok, that's all for now... will journal more later.