Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The ever surprising, God!

Isn't it wonderful when all of a sudden it hits you... How awesomely gracious God is to you -even if it is only the little things you notice at first.

Like the other day for instance... I had a few errands to run during lunch and then needed to head to court for my boss. So the afternoon starts off with my visit to the Chiropractor, then stopped for some lunch where I picked up one of those Egg Nog flavored milk shakes and then headed towards court. Everything was fine; nothing out of the ordinary there, until I arrived at court. I was beyond thirsty bc, as good as the Egg Nog flavored Milk Shake was, I desperately needed something else to drink.

I had very, very limited change -yes even after digging through my purse, pockets and car I still only ended up with $.90 cents and let's face it, how many soda machines do you know of where it is less than a $1.00 for a drink??? Anyway, I decided I would walk over, you know, just to see and Voilá! only $.85 cents for a drink!! I know! I was excited too. It hit me when I got into the car... God is so gracious!!

Want another one...?

The following day I, yet again, had to go back to court for my boss but needed some change as the court does not make change for you! So I decided upon a Diamond Shamrock nearby and popped in for a soda. I go up to the counter and the guy there said "Is that all?", "Yep" I replied to which he said "Well then, have a good day!" I mean, how great is that... A free soda!!

Still, I needed some change. He was so nice, I hated asking especially since he just offered me a free drink but I did and even explained that I didn't mind paying for my drink if I could get some change but he still didn't charge me!!

Just further proves God is watching over us and providing for us each day! It also makes me feel good inside to know that even on the littlest of issues, He's still there! Maybe we don't always get the things "we" want, but we do get "things" and taking the time to recognize them is important, I think.

Hope your day is filled with little "things" too.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So my Mom made a comment a few days, or a week or so, ago and it's kind of stuck with me... She said "Well I thought you were happy I was gone", this being said when asking if she still plans to return to Tx or not. As much as this is true, it's not!

Don't get me wrong, I really like having my house back to "normal"; Not having to raise "2" children is a big relief, not having to explain my reasoning's re: Sophie and MY discipline, or having to scramble through piles on the counter's to find something, or stress bc something wasn't done right, or bed time's being missed, or... All these things add up and then boil over!

When she was hear, it didn't seem so nice... we were always bickering back and forth regarding one thing or another. Mom too -Not just me. I would get the ol' "Alright Donnie!" as to point out that she wasn't happy with me (Donnie being the boyfriend), or waving her finger around when the light turned green (even though it only just a split second ago turned green, like I was holding up the line or something), or giving me the "Alright, what ever you say..." to imply she was no longer listening to what I was saying (even though I had a perfectly good point), or breaking my perfectly good dog-house.! See, not only me!!

Still, I miss her. I miss having someone to talk with at the end of the day, to go over my thoughts with and to gain a second opinion -even if I don't take it, I miss someone older then age 2 to yell at, I miss having her presence around, I miss having a built-in babysitter (for the most part at least), but most of all -I just miss her! After all, she is my Momma! What what girl do you know doesn't love to have her Momma around??

I do hope, though, that if she does decide to move back to Tx that it will be a much better experience for the both of us. I guess a person gets accustomed to their way of living and it's hard to make adjustments!! Gosh, what will I be like when I get married? Yikes!

Plus, we'd have to move into a bigger place -- I mean really, it was just toooooooo close for comfort! Especially since Lydia and Jon will be moving! The house just isn't worth the trouble without great neighbors! :(

Afternoon all!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Amish Friendship Bread

Turns out, I really don't care for it! I received my "Starter" from Lydia about 2wks ago and have been diligently working it until finally it was time to bake! I thought, at first, this smells really, really, really bad; there's no way this can taste any good! But after adding a ton of ingredients, it started to smell better, I even added raisins and a few pecans to mine. MmmMmm.

Well after the baking took place, my house smelled sooooooo-ooooooo yummy I couldn't wait to have some! But since it needed to cool a little I ended up waiting until the next day.... Mine made 2 loafs, so I brought one loaf to my boss' house while I was over there helping his Mom out with a dishwasher issue...

We had just a small piece after lunch and I thought "I just need more butter on top". Well I had some more this morning for breakfast, with extra butter, and I still didn't care for it!! Something about the flavor, like it needed more sweetness or something. I bet I did something wrong; I'm not a baker!! This just proves my point... No Sugar Cookies as Christmas Gifts this year. What about Popcorn? I'm pretty good with that.

Good luck to all who bake!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jeffery, the office fish

As most of you know, last week I put our poor little Jeffery to sleep. He was sooo sick! It was by all accounts, traumatic!! He was our beloved office Betta Fish with bright red, vibrant colors and wavy fins galore. :) I believe he was a happy Betta, in his fish bowl of life.

So the story goes... My boss was leaving for vacation last week and we both knew something was wrong with poor little Jeffery as he stopped swimming or eating like he should be -- we both kind of figured he'd be dead by the end of the week. Plus Betta's average life span is 2-5 yrs and we've had him 2 yrs at least, and you never know how old a fish is when you buy them.

Let me just say -I am a complete animal lover and being the animal lover that I am I immediately started doing some online research about Betta's and illness... You wouldn't believe all the different illnesses there are for fish! Anyways, poor little Jeffery had multiple issues from Fin Rot, to Ich, to parasites, to bacterial infections -oh, and did I mention he also had Swim Bladder (a fish bladder infection)!! Yes, the poor little guy! snif.

I decided I would try to save him, if I could. Turns out, I couldn't afford it; because he had so many "issues" I needed several antibiotics, costing about $50 or more, plus a lot of time -- He was a $4 fish! The Pet Store Clerk said my best bet was to put Jeffery in the freezer and let him fall asleep. I know, such a sad moment for me too. snif, snif. I liked the freezer idea, except that I was worried that he would freeze while still awake (or something along those lines) so when I got back to the office I started researching again of what to do now... Plus the internet said freezing fish not under anesthesia was NOT the thing to do!! Did I mention, Animal lover!!

The internet offers a wide verity of things to do in my situation from smashing the poor little guy against a wall, to chopping his head off, to euthanizing him... I chose to euthanize him! They suggested using Clove Oil, mixing it with some of his water (in a separate container) and then adding it to his water little by little --Its like anesthesia but for fish, and then you place him in the freezer. So I went to the local Walgreens to pick up some Clove Oil as the internet said "you should be able to find this at any drug store", turns out you can not! So back to the office I go, empty handed. By the way, Milk at Walgreens is on sale for $3 a gallon!

I continued looking around on the net and discovered that Clove Oil is a fancy name for Benzocaine, which is the active ingredient in Orajel -which I totally have! So I mixed Orajel in some of his water and slowly added it back to the bowl he was in... He immediately went crazy and then settled right down. I checked back in a few minutes and he was still breathing (did you know that Betta fish are Air breathers -yep! They don't need water to breath, but if they are without water for a long period they will die of dehydration.)

According to the internet, the "anesthesia" was suppose to put him to sleep and A) he would drowned from not swimming and collecting air or B) I could put him in the freezer to continue the process that way... So him still breathing meant I needed to add more anesthesia to his water. I did, and I waited a few more minutes until I couldn't see him moving or breathing anymore, then began to transfer him to a cup I could freeze him in... Turns out he wasn't quite a sleep yet! He went crazy!! But again, settled right down in his new home (cup) and into the freezer I placed him. By this point I had added quite a bit of Orajel to the water and I just needed to be patient for it to take affect. snif, snif, snif.

I did all this last Friday afternoon. All week I had been thinking about this... He was getting worse with every day and I knew if I had to do this, then it would have to be on a Friday otherwise I would be back checking on him every few minutes and tormenting myself over this... The weekend was pretty terrible but all in all, I think it was the right thing to do! And yes, I did say a little prayer for Jeffery. :)

PS: I told my boss if he was to get a new fish... it needed to run on batteries!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Boo! at the Zoo - Pictures are up.

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