Monday, June 1, 2009

Weight Watcher's... day 88

State date: 3.05.09
Start Weight: 170.2
Last weigh-in: 158.4 - Only 28.4 more to go

Ok, so a lot has happened since my last weigh-in... My little girl had her 3rd birthday party, I dropped a dress size and my dogs moved to my Aunt's house (for the party!).
Getting ready for Sophie's party was a little more stressful then I had planned. I mean, yes, I know there is planning involved as well as cleaning, and organizing, and sorting, and preparing, and buying, and setting up, and the anticipation of it all... but wow! was I nervous to have these people over to my home -but either way, I'd do it again. Well in fact, I suppose I will be in another year! lol. I haven't sat down to figure out if this actually saved me money or not, but that was the idea at least. Will look into it and let you know for your next party.

As for the dress size, I know it's not much -only one size, but it really does make you feel great when you realize the size hanging in the closet really is too big!! As I've mentioned in an older post, a friend from church passed along some of her clothing that no longer fit. They were a bit snug upon receipt but those have since become too big as well.

So yesterday I went shopping at JCP for a few items -mostly for just a few things to get me by. Ok -Yes, I bought entirely too much, but the good part is, is that I get to try them on again in the comfort of my home and then decide to return something -or not. :) And yes -they were a size smaller!! WoooHoooo. I was in a state of disbelief at first in the dressing room, then was over joyed with it. I can't remember the last time I wore that size!
And so you know, the dogs will be coming home soon. It's been nice without them though. Yes, it's sad to say, but it's true. I'm still looking for a good home for Sam, the great! (pictured below) So if you know of anyone.... (hint, hint!).
Its funny - I always figured I'd have a dog for my whole life, but after this little break, I'm not sure anymore. I mean I'll probably still have Sam for a good long while, but Lexi is old (12 yrs or so) and I always figured after Lexi I would get a little breed type dog but now I'm not so sure anymore.... hmmmm. I'm sure if Sophie had her way, we'd have a million dogs, but maybe I could get by with just some fish or something... Her cousin Cara has pet Rats and Soph just loves those! I wonder.
Ok, gotta run... Hope you are all having a blessed day! :)

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  1. I know what you mean about no pets. I gotta admit that before we got Bonnie & Clyde it was nice to not have cat fur on all my clothes and to not worry about a litterbox, etc. So yeah, after they're gone we'll think hard about getting another pet. Of course, they're only a year old, so we have awhile!

    Congrats on losing a dress size! You are doing GREAT!