Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My adventures in dating... Part 5

Well that was short lived!  Apparently it wasn't as special as I thought it was.  Man, that kinna sucks.  I'm thankful for the time tho;  It brought me back from, well, where ever I was, dying alone.

I got the "I'm just confused" line and also the "I know what I want, I'm just having a hard time" bit.... What?!?!  What does that even mean?!?!  I can tell you this much -Mr. D -is not so "D" anymore!  I knew he was talking to another girl, but he also explained that it was not serious.  I also know that he and I talked 120% more often then he did with this other girl, so it's really my fault, for assuming, that that meant he was leaning this direction!  Ug.

I feel like crap after all this this afternoon -- we had big plans for this weekend to hang out and have dinner, possibly a movie -but not now.  Now he's headed straight home, "I need more time."  I'm tired of waiting just as well -I was ready to move forward with putting a label on "us" and not worried about who knew, or who didn't.  So I suppose this is good....

Now to get back out there and find Mr. R (Mr. Right!).  Please, Lord, help me here!

Yours Truly and Utterly Defeated,
Holly F.


  1. Aw man... that's rough. Well, like you said, get back out there, but of course, be choosy! Dating is HARD!

  2. Well I'm glad it got you back in the game. Still, he's an idiot to pass you up. Love you!