Thursday, August 11, 2011

Help find Holly her Mr. Right!

So in light of the recent activities in my life, I'm really ready to get back out there and find Mr. Right!! But, I need some help. I can't do this alone (I've been trying, it doesn't work)  I haven't been out there in so long.  I don't know where to start any more.  I don't know where to go, who to talk to, what to wear, how to flirt, how to pass along my number, hoe to let someone know I find you interesting.... these are the things that use to come so easy to me but know they are like foreign language.

So I am asking all you blog readers out there for some much needed help, advice, direction, etc.  Help find Holly her Mr. Right!!  It'll be a challenge as I'm sure most of you are already saying "Gosh Holly, I just don't know any single men anymore."  Well, that's not gonna work for me bc as it turns out, I don't either,and you are all I have to help, so....

I need to start dating again.  I need to meet single men who are ready for a relationship, not a roll in the hay.  I don't want to hang out at a bar or pick up some guy while strolling the frozen food isle, and I don't want to walk around wearing a sign that says I'm available!

So here's what I want from you:  Start looking around for some great single men you can introduce me too, or vice versa.  You can host a dinner party, you can set up a double date, you can do all sorts of things!  Ok, sure, maybe you don't know any single men yourself, but what about your husband?  Does he know of any from his job, the gym, or your Church?  If that doesn't work, maybe you have some suggestions as to where I could make some new connections -beyond that standards like Church (I'm already trying this one & it's not going so well yet).

My boss even mentioned that maybe I should join a Wine Tasting Class or something -which is not a bad idea but that requires I have a stand-by sitter for Sophie -which I don't have either - will work on this!

Ok, so there's the challenge.  Let me hear what you got!  I'll try to blog about it as we walk through this journey together....


  1. I think the wine tasting thing is a good idea. Singles' group at church? Or eharmony... I've even heard of successes there!

  2. @Karen: I tried the eHarmony thing years ago and it was pretty much the same as any other side -- full of one night stands. Wonder if it's changed? I've been visiting Southcliff Baptist Church, they have a pretty good Singles group so I' excited about going again. We haven't been to church on a regular basis this summer mostly due to vacationing.... Keep the idea's coming!!

  3. I mean, I'm probably not help at all since the last time I dated was in college and that was very much the dating scene. But I'm rooting for you!

    What about the gym? I mean, we're all hot and sweaty when we're there, but it shows that the guy cares about his health, at least. Plus if you can hit it off hot and sweaty (at the gym, no dirty thoughts here!) then just think of the wow factor when you dress up nice for a date!

    John has a few single guy coworkers, but um, they're probably single for a reason... the hermit, anti-social computer type. Plus, they live in San Antonio, sorry! :-P

  4. Jon and I met doing something we both enjoyed. You know...there's always a certain minister from Wedgwood..... ;)

  5. Yeah I don't have any single guy friends, but I would suggest church and eharmony. I went to a wedding about a year ago for eharmony people and some people in our sunday school class just got married who met there. So I would say maybe it changed over the past few years. And this is maybe obvious, but are you praying for the right person and wisdom to know who is right and who isn't?\
    And try not to be too sad about Mr D not working out. You want the best guy there is, not someone who isn't going to treat you well. So if he's not the best, then its good to know that now and get on to finding the best!