Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sophie's big day

Sophie had her first Big-Girl Sleep Over this past Sunday night at a friends house. She did great and is looking forward to her next one...

Aimee and I had been talking about a sleep over since April/May of this year, since her son had his sleep over and did so well with it. Aimee (& family) are very busy people but we were finally able to plan a date for it which just happened to be this past Sunday night -no school yet for Sophie, so Sunday night worked out well!

Aimee did great with them too. Last week the Ball family were away at Church Camp for 4 or 5 days, then they had family arrive Thursday afternoon (and staying until Thursday of this week) plus they had Sophie over for a sleep over... WOW!!

We decided it probably would work best if we had dinner together and then I just let for the night. So Sunday night we had dinner at the Ball house (btw, it was a great home cooked roast! YUMMY) then we chatted for a short time after and at about 9:00 or so, I left... No crying, no screaming, no nothing out of Sophie. She was already having such a great time with Rayne, Colby and baby Jacob I don't think she even really noticed me leaving!

Aimee did mention the next morning that Soph did ask for me once or twice but Aimee told her I would be by tomorrow to pick her up, and with that she turned over and went to sleep for the night! Wow. I can't even get her to do that lately!!

The next morning Aimee had those kids up and at'em... Work out at Beckie's house at 9am, then took all the kids (including Beckie's 2 boys) to the Splash Pad, then home for a short time to rest before heading to the ZOO!!! WOW! I can't imagine what Aimee was thinking! Aimee's boys were the good kids who took a nap like they were supposed too, while the girls wined their way out of it...

While chatting with Aimee Monday, I had asked to join them in visiting the Zoo and before you know, we were all piling in 2 cars and we were off (work was slow to say the least)... And besides, Monday was such a great day for the Zoo; the weather was very nice, around 90 the whole day! Whereas the last few days had been in the triple digits...

I think everyone had a great time, including James' mother and sister! Plus, the Zoo had some water-play stations set up which helped cool the kids down . We even stopped for ice cream while there! Yummmm. I think we made it through about half the park before it was closing time... 3 hours we were there!! And the kids did great, even the little Missy's who didn't take naps!

Getting into the cars at the end however was another story all together! None of the kids were ready to go! Sophie eventually fell asleep -I say eventually, but really it was within 5 minutes of leaving the park! She was quite disappointed when she awoke to our house and not "Ms. Aimee's", who has apparently made a big impression on Sophie!!

So... the next one's on me... Can't wait to have the kids over for another sleep over! We won't do quite as much -- maybe toes, popcorn and fun movies! :) Ahhhh... this makes me happy!

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